We are still working on perfecting our menu.

There are a couple of things we absolutely know that we want: quality ingredients and wholesome foods that make you feel good. Local when possible, and always fresh.

Our Coffee

We have hand-chosen a local roaster, Smoking Gun Coffee for our in-house bean. Their attention to detail and obsession to coffee won us over right away, but when we tasted the coffee, that’s when we knew. We are hoping to roast our coffee on-site and give our customers a behind-the-scenes view of how coffee becomes coffee.

We have an amazing espresso machine just waiting to be fired up for the first time and we’ll be crafting everything from a macchiato to a good old fashion drip coffee.

Have a great idea for the menu?

Let us know! We love to hear what our community has to say, after all, it’s you who will be enjoying the menu!